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Amaze Every Customer Every Time

The Tools Come to Life

I believe that each and every one of the principles shared with you in Part Two of Amaze Every Customer Every Time has the potential to transform you and your entire organization. However, I also believe that no principle can transform any individual or any enterprise unless it’s actually implemented.

This is where the Tools you’ve read about come to life. Part Two of this book identifies 52 different Tools you can use to amaze every customer every time. It just so happens that there are also 52 cards in a deck of playing cards. But, this deck is special. Each card is an Ace. Think of each one of the 52 strategies as an Ace that you can play in the “game” of amazing service that will move you and your company to the next level.

When it comes to customer service, we all need to learn how to play the Ace. And the more personal experience that you connect with playing a given Ace, the better you will be at executing that principle. In this part of the book, I ask you some key questions about each of those 52 strategies, with the aim of helping you to develop a personal narrative that connects to each concept.

All you have to do to develop your own personal success story for each of these tools is dig into, and answer, each the questions that follow. Some of these questions and conversation starters will be easier to answer than others, depending on the level of responsibility or the length of time or experience you have with your company. If you have difficulty answering a question, try thinking about someone else you’ve worked with, someone whose actions or behaviors you may have observed. Tell that story. Or perhaps you have worked somewhere else and can share an example from that past experience. The goal is for you to use a true story to get clarity in regard to each of the 52 tools.

Take the time to think about each question carefully, and to create your own best response to it, either written or verbal, either as an individual or while working as part of a team. By the way, there is a great advantage to working as a team. That’s an excellent way to make the book come to life and start to build an employee-centric and customer-centric culture into your organization.

You can start with any tool you like. Create just one real-world success story a week – and within one year, you will have mastered the entire “deck!”

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